Pre-K Lessons to do at Home

Fun Things to Do at Home with your Child for January and February 

Read a book about snow.  Discuss why it snows. What can you do in the snow?  What clothes do you wear to stay warm when playing in the snow? 

Read a book about presidents.  Discuss who our president is. Where does he live? Who are some of our other presidents? 

Read your child's favorite book.  Ask them how they could change the ending.  What character do they like the most or least? Draw a picture to go with the story.  Is this book a make believe story or a true story.  What is the difference in a make believe story and a true story? 

Count beans, macaroni, crackers, etc. 1 to 10. Put them in groups of 2, 3, 4, and 5. 

Find letters on cereal boxes, magazines, newspapers, etc.  Name the letter and make the letter sound. 

Use shaving cream.  Spread it out on the table.  Say a letter name.  Have the child write the letter.  Then say a letter sound and see if your child can write the letter to go with that sound. 

Use shaving cream.  Practice writing numbers 1 to 10. 

Use items in the home to teach above, below, beside, and under.  Give them verbal directions:  Put the ball under your arm.  Put the ball beside the chair.  Put the ball above your head, etc. 

Make a weather chart by graphing.  Copy a calendar.  If it's raining color the day read.  If it's sunny color the day yellow.  If it's snowy color the day blue.  Count the colors at the end of the month and see which day had the most:  rainy, sunny, or snowy. 

Play a word game with rhyming words.  "If I say sunny you say_________?" (They could say bunny, honey, ets.) "If I say red you say_________?" (They could say head, bed, fed, etc.) 

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