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Bransford Elementary School is a early childhood center that serves children age three to five.  The federally funded Head Start program has three classes of three year olds at the historic Bransford Elementary School.  The Robertson County Board of Education offers seven classes of four year old children through the Tennessee Voluntary Pre-K Program.  There is also one preschool class that serves students with special needs.  This unique partnership among government agencies allows families in Robertson County the opportunity to enroll their children in high quality early childhood education that promotes kindergarten readiness through academic and social-emotional wellness.

Services that are offered to students and families at BES include:

Bridging the Gap Support Team
This service is offered to all students and families at all schools.  It is a team of professionals that works with families to
     - facilitate communication between the family and school service organizers
     - remove barriers that interfere with educational achievement
     - link families with social, emotional, medical, economic, language, and community resources
     - encourage families to be active partners in their children's school experiences
     - respond to daily crisis
     - provide workshops and programs to meet family needs
     - provide professional development to teachers

For information about the Bridging the Gap Support Team, please contact Danielle Frazier at or 615-382-3609.


Students and families are involved in various diversity activities that are academically enriched.  Families are celebrated each month through Family Fun Days. Your child's teacher will send home all information for these fun events.

Head Start and the Family Resource and Education Center, both located at Bransford Elementary, offer parenting classes, family enrichment events, and behavioral and academic support.

Contact Jennifer Velasquez (Mid-Cumberland Head Start) at 615-384-9863
Danielle Frazier (Family Resource and Education Center) at 615-382-3104 to find out more information about family involvement opportunities.